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A computer security suite (also referred to as an Internet Security Suite) is a bundled software package from the same manufacturer that includes several different types of internet security protection. The security software applications are all compatible with each other and work together to provide a thorough blanket of protection against viruses, spyware, adware and intruders. PC security suites normally include anti virus software, anti spyware, and personal firewall protection. Some also include a form of privacy protection, which protects personal data such as account numbers and passwords. Many anti spyware programs will also kill most adware, which is a distant cousin to spyware.

The key to successful computer protection with a computer security software suite (or any internet security software) is regularly updating the software. New viruses, spyware, adware and hacks are introduced every day, and your degree of protection is only as good as the last update. Just about all top quality security software includes an "auto update" feature that lets you choose to have the software automatically check for and install updates daily. It's always a good idea to turn on automatic updates so you don't have to remember to manually do this.

As with just about any program that requires regular database updates, a subscription is usually required. After purchasing the software, it will normally run for a year before it's time to renew the maintenance subscription. This is normally a small annual fee that also ensures you get program upgrades.

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